It’s a brand whit an solid structure and oriented from his website, for business as a travel agent in Venezuela, whit the intention of create a community of travellers, optimizing his resources, motivated by their own life experience.

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MOOVETS se mueve con Jak.

Jak innova y viaja con MOOVETS hacia el éxito.

With an innovative and avant-garde, the strategies were developed from its own web platform designed by our team, who generate an affection between your clients, gaining his confident in the acquisition of executive, business and tourism transport services, feeling comfort and quality.


Our multi-disciplinary team, develop a platform for Moovet, a platform who allows services like a travel agency for executive travels, allowing travelers book and request trips, as an live chat of technical support, to request any information.


Through web development growth has been impeded on the touristic whit high executive quality trips, having a long range inside and outside of Venezuela, allowing the increase of the profits.