This institution sinces his beginning, has grown up whit us, not only offers services in the specialty of otorhinolaryngology and esthetic surgery, also give specialized courses, oriented to increase your surgical abilities both the public expert in the branch of medicine from the hand of national and international specialists.

His representative image was represented for each of the specialization exercised by its directors, SINUS by the Dr. Jose Pastor Linarez and Face by the Dr. Natalia Neira de linarez which results in “SINUS & FACE”, in their own web platform developed by us, and everything linked on the digital world, generating positioning in countries like; Venezuela, United States, Dominican republic, Colombia, among others.


It was established the different segmentation strategies, whit the ultimate purpose of raising SINUS & FACE, not only like an institution for the medical services that they offer, but also for the specialized courses and practices in cryopreserved cadaver specimens, pioneers in Latin America, whit the objective proposed for the specialized medical community, which awake the interest in the expansion of knowledge of the service they offer.


SINUS & FACE offer medical services and specialized courses focused primordially in the field of otolaryngology as a facial esthetic surgery, minimal and invasive endoscopy surgery, nasosinusal surgery, among others, being promoted for great specialists. Coupled whit this, raise the necessity to create a web platform, at the height of the project and that represents the optimal conditions of the institution, to guarantee a successful trajectory of training and customer service.