Is a company which offers the best alternative on the disposable medical supplies interacting whit their clients in a close manner, bringing them and immediately answer and personalized advice whit the best market prices.

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LARAMED it’s a brand which offers his products on the medical fields, whit high quality standards, positioning in the market. We focus on creating the guided image in a line of text, taking into consideration that for their name, wants to highlight where they are born and his location, without leaving aside the permanence of the medical term, LARAMED.


It was established and segmented plan whit divers strategies to increase the values on the quality of the supplies and the LARAMED virtues as a brand and company through his services, creating the qualification of potential customers, and making known the benefits in obtaining their products.


LARAMED always is available whit a wide repertoire of disposable medical supplies and also in the growth in the market. Based on this arises the need to create a website at the height of the page.